Peer-to-Peer Bidding: Innovation in the cryptocurrency trading system

2 min readMar 22, 2022



The crypto space is known for making groundbreaking advancements, creation, yields, and systems of adoption. It creates an avenue for individuals to use their technological knowledge to advance the financial world, giving the human race a better means of storing and gaining wealth. This brought about the liberation in human finance and control from a central authority


The exchange method has been the primary determinant of its survival, and it gives an avenue for exchange and usage. A cryptocurrency without a use case is useless. Many individuals still feel pained about an individual who used 10,000 Bitcoin to purchase a pizza. We fail to realize that the adoption of Bitcoin first step was through this act. Since then, the cryptocurrency world has seen drastic growth, adoption, and usage.


The primary form of exchange since the creation and adoption of cryptocurrencies has been peer-to-peer, commonly referred to as P2P. With this system, individuals who want to buy and sell crypto can go directly to exchange for fiat or other goods or services, making it decentralised and free from external influence

Peer to Peer Bidding
Valor Exchange has taken a step further by integrating a Bidding feature that allows buyers to bid and determine the price they want to buy their crypto asset.
Over time, some traders don’t get the best value of their assets while transacting; in light of this, Valor Exchange comes giving price advantage to crypto traders.

With Peer-to-peer Bidding in place, individuals can go through a bidding process to buy or sell cryptocurrency, which would create a fair market competition for crypto traders.


Trading cryptocurrency has never been more profitable and fair with Bidding integrated into the P2P mode of trading. It enables those who genuinely know the worth of an asset to win a bid.




Enhancing the value of #crypto beyond Investment.

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