Peer-To-Peer Bidding — A Better Price Advantage In Crypto Trading

The term peer-to-peer, also known as P2P, is an everyday occurrence among cryptocurrency traders. But an incredible fact is that not just people involved in cryptocurrency are involved in p2p trading, but everyone who engages in online shopping. Think about it; there is a process of searching out what you want, then selecting the best price you like and getting paired together when you place the order with that store.

As man evolved, so did its various mode of exchange. The medium of exchange is the system used to facilitate the sale/ trade of goods and services among parties. The success of a method of exchange is dependent on how well it represents a standard of value. Also, all parties must accept this standard.

Valor Exchange brings to you a unique trading system called peer-to-peer Bidding (P2P Bidding). Interested buyers have a chance to bid for an asset. All sales ads run within a specified time and a base selling price.

For instance, Peter wants to sell two bitcoins via P2P. He can sell at a higher price above his base price with Bidding because he has two or more possible price offers. This bidding process will help Peter achieve the maximum value for his asset.

Here is the advantage you get as a buyer when bidding on valorexchange, you have the time advantage to provide a reasonable price to the seller within your specified time.

This new P2P Bidding exchange model will create more value and profits for cryptocurrency traders and further advance trading in the cryptocurrency world.



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