Crypto Scams: 3 ways to protect your crypto account from being hacked.

Crypto Scams: 3 ways to protect your crypto account from being hacked by ValorExchange

So, you’ve created your crypto trading account on ValorExchange, Congratulations! ValorExchange is safe, secure, and reliable. But, you’re not done yet.

The crypto industry has its fair share of crypto scammers. Frausters exist in every industry and these people specialize in devising strategies tailored to accessing and stealing cryptocurrencies.

We’ve written about popular Bitcoin scams before and shared experiences of people who had lost millions of dollars to crypto scammers on the internet. We love to share vital information in our Telegram community to keep our people informed about the ins and out of the industry. You can join our Telegram community and share this article with anyone you think would benefit from it.

This article will share some very important information that you need to take note of to ensure that your new account does not fall into the hands of unwanted third parties.

Hide your Ps And Es: Remember when you signed up on the ValorExchange platform, you were told to add an email address and a password. These two small things are extremely important in keeping your crypto account safe.

If the password you use for your social media is the same as the one on your email and crypto account then you need to change it ASAP. Celebrities are not the only people that get hacked these days, and if a crypto scammer were to have access to your email, they could find ways to access your crypto trading account and steal your cryptocurrencies.

You should ensure that you use a unique password with symbols, letters, and numbers for your crypto account. If you’re worried that you might have difficulty remembering your new account password then you can simply click on the forgot password option and the ValorExchange support team would help you regain access to your crypto account.

Crypto Scams: 3 ways to protect your crypto account from being hacked by ValorExchange. Photo credit: katemangostar

Avoid romance scams: There are crypto scammers that would create online relationships with their victims before later persuading them to make payments to shady crypto wallets or provide them with information for them to have access to their account.

You don’t have to share a single account between you and your loved ones because you can all create an account on ValorExchange for free. Once the relevant information about the account owner is verified then you can share funds nationally or internationally with each other. This way you know that every transaction you make on the platform is with a real person.

Don’t fall for Phishing: Crypto Phishing is a situation whereby scammers contact potential victims online and try to get them to transfer funds or provide them with vital credentials to access their crypto account.

Remember those African Prince scams that people used to talk about in the earlier 2000s. The scams usually involved a mysterious prince contacting people via email and begging them for financial support to reclaim his kingdom. It sounds like something out of Nollywood, right? Well as ridiculous as it sounds now, a lot of people fell for it at the time and lost a lot of money.

Nowadays though, crypto scammers are a lot more inventive. Some would pose as customer support of popular crypto platforms and try to get them to transfer their cryptocurrency to a shady wallet or provide their account credentials for the scammers to use and hack the account.

All emails from ValorExchange typically have our web address attached to the end of it. If you receive a mail asking for sensitive information about your crypto account from the ValorExchange support team, please inspect the email carefully. If there is an extra V or a missing A in the email address then you can contact the support team on the ValorExchange platform and they’ll help verify the account.

In conclusion

You have to be careful and smart with your cryptocurrency account activities. Taking these precautions would help you to ensure that access to your cryptocurrency account remains far away from crypto scammers.



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