An advance cryptocurrency trading system- p2pbidding

For years since the first cryptocurrency creation, the peer-to-peer (p2p) trading system has been its exchange method. Bitcoin was created in 2009, and the world has since adopted P2P as a means of exchange. Like all solutions, problems tag along. With p2p, the security of funds comes up, market manipulation, breach of trade terms and unfriendly users

The p2p model of exchange comes with a lot of security challenges. During a sale, one party might decide to run a fake transaction or receive payment and withhold the coins. Valor Exchange will ensure all parties carry out their end of the deals, giving both parties the best glitch-free trading experience with escrow in place.

A trader who hoards large quantities of crypto can also cause relative scarcity, affecting the demand and supply slope, which affects the market price. A shortage would lead to a higher rate of such crypto, while an excess will lead to a drop in market price. Such power in the hands of a particular individual keeps the crypto world indirectly in its control. Valor Exchange creates a level trading ground where all traders can decide and determine an asset’s price.

Breach of trade terms is also common in informal trading channels. A party defaults the terms of trade laid down by default in payment, cancellation of an ongoing transaction, or paying from a third-party account. Price changes, non-responsiveness of a seller, banking issues, among others, can cause these. Valor Exchange P2Pbidding platform will solve this problem by ensuring that only verified buyers will participate in a bid and specify the time duration for their bid to be accepted before proceeding to payments.

All the above-discussed shortcomings of the P2P mode of exchange will bring specific discouraging facts that would hinder the adoption of P2P in cryptocurrency transactions. Advancement is inevitable in all phase of life. The technological world is known for developing better adaptive ways, from an act as simple as sending an email, building robots to something as complicated as making a human heart. The peer-to-peer method of exchange has been long overdue for an upgrade. An exciting feature like Bidding will revamp its alluring essence and efficiency. It will also create a level trading ground for all parties, removing the power from specific big traders.

In light of this, Valor Exchange goes a step further to help maintain and uplift the crypto space and bringing it miles closer to the average individual. With the infusion of bidding into the peer-to-peer system, the crypto space is about to witness the most revolutionary growth in the crypto space, uplifting all cryptocurrencies values while distributing the power of demand and supply to all parties involved in a trade equally.

Valor Exchange with its “peer-to-peer bidding” application will advance the technological strides in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.



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