Adopting a currency That works for you as a third world dweller.

Individuals going through their daily activities need money to meet essential needs ranging from physiological needs, social needs, esteem needs, esthetic needs self-actualization needs etc. Cash is highly linked to the survival rate of man and the quality of that survival. Upon the adoption and legalization of fiat, man uses this medium to exchange goods & services and other necessities of life

The third world nations are more prevalent in African, Asia and Latin American. Key identifying features of these nations are the absence of the rule of law, poor infrastructural development, substandard way of life & and corruption, which weakens the national currency and GDP. As a result, the value drops, and the cost of living becomes high with inflation, and they slowly dive into recession. Holding on to such currencies can be termed as financial suicide as the value of your assets keeps dwindling down and gradually, individuals become poor. This situation comes with a high presence of jobs with low wages, inadequate labor law regulations and low availability of jobs. Large scale unemployment is prevalent, which leads to a higher crime rate and juvenile delinquency. Countries like Iraq and Congo are excellent examples of what a third world nation will likely end up as, if the situation persists

Trading cryptocurrencies gives individuals in the third world nations across the globe a better opportunity to make the best out of their economic situations. It is free from governmental control, and traders make extra cash as it breeds profits every second.




Enhancing the value of #crypto beyond Investment.

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Enhancing the value of #crypto beyond Investment.

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