Valor Exchange

Adopting a currency That works for you as a third world dweller.

Individuals going through their daily activities need money to meet essential needs ranging from physiological needs, social needs, esteem needs, esthetic needs self-actualization needs etc. Cash is highly linked to the survival rate of man and the quality…

17 Common Cryptocurrency Terms You Should Know


These are generally any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin


When a crypto asset falls to a downward slope in value

Bid Price

It is the price an individual is offering to buy cryptocurrency


It is a decentralized and distributed electronic ledger…

Valor Exchange is the first-ever peer-to-peer Bidding platform of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency traders will get the best possible return on trade through its flexible bidding feature. A better profit margin is availed to you when you trade on the platform. There are also more benefits to consider: Bulk bidding, Zero trading fees, Zero transfer fees and Free sales ads, secured escrow, multiple payments options and fast completion time of trades. These benefits are focused on helping crypto traders to maximize profit.

Stay updated with the latest trend on Valor exchange as we prepare to launch…

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Cryptocurrency: Safety First is Safety Always

Although the benefits are limitless in the cryptocurrency world, likewise the potholes, with sound knowledge and adherence to trading rules, individuals can make a fortune. With one wrong move, everything could go down the drain, leading to depression and other emotional turmoil. …

Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency Trading — The Millennial adoption

When a Gen Z comes across the word millennial, they picture a grumpy, financially stressed adult. For a clearer picture and better understanding, millennials are people born between 1980–1995. That uncle that never drops cash when they come over is likely a millennial…

The Snail Currency ­­­– Ethereum

Like all other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum isn’t left out in its markets ups and downs. A major stronghold of Ethereum is its use for more than just a currency; it is used for creating smart contracts and distributed application. It runs without the interference of a…

Valor Exchange

Valor Exchange is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform designed to enable traders to control prices and earn more through a flexible trading mechanism

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