5 things you should know before you get into crypto.

3 min readApr 1, 2022


5 things you should know before investing in crypto by ValorExchange

Many people take cryptocurrencies at face value. Whenever they see or hear anything negative about them, they take it as fact. No research is necessary, tell them a horrible thing, and they’ll believe it. Imagine how you would feel if someone made negative comments about you and we believed them without verifying their claims.

This article is for the top 1% who want to truly understand cryptocurrencies and how they can get the most benefit or value from cryptocurrencies. This article will focus on five things you need to know before getting into crypto. Most of these tips are correlated, so if you see any part you don’t understand, go back or start over again and it’ll become clearer.

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Get into the reason: Everything has a reason. If someone you cared about came to you for money, you’d ask them why. It’s not because you don’t trust them. It’s because you know there’s a reason for the request. If the reason isn’t good enough, you’ll say no or advise them on the appropriate course of action.

If you want to learn crypto, then an excellent place to start would be to find the reason behind specific cryptocurrencies. Let’s talk about the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin was created to be a person-to-person digital currency. So you can buy with Bitcoin, make Payments with it, use it to receive funds nationally and internationally and more. It’s money, and with more stores, businesses, and schools accepting it as payment, it’s also starting to feel like money. People earn crypto as salaries now, which is a massive leap from where they started.

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Are all the rumors true? : It is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies to make some money, but it is not risk-free. There are lots of people who lost money investing in at least a cryptocurrency or token because managing it requires a very high technical skill.

At ValorExchange, we focus on using cryptocurrencies as part of our everyday activities to make our lives better.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about bank transfer limits or how many domiciliary accounts you have to open to transfer money to your family. If you want to send money to someone in Zanzibar today, You can do it for free on ValorExchange using either Bitcoin, Tether or Ethereum. We are borderless, thanks to crypto. All you need to do is create an account, copy the exact crypto wallet of the recipient and send crypto. The recipient will get his crypto instantly. If both accounts are on ValorExchange, it is free.

Proceed with caution: The market is volatile. This means that the prices of cryptocurrencies will fluctuate. This is why it is important to learn crypto before swiftly putting money in it.

Luckily some cryptocurrencies are designed to remain at a stable price regardless of how the market performs. We’ve written about them in our previous articles.

On ValorExchange, you can trade your fiat currencies for stable coins like Tether(USDT). Every 1 USDT you see is equal to 1 dollar. You can easily save or use USDT without worrying that it will lose value.

How do you want to approach it? : You need to decide if you will start trading cryptocurrencies or using them like regular fiat currencies and enjoying their benefits.

Stay safe, please: Scams exist in every industry if you value cryptocurrencies and want to know how to protect them. We’ve written an article that includes steps that you can take to keep your crypto account and crypto funds safe from the hands of fraudulent people.

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